The Australian wildfires are raging and many residents are displaced. The affected area of the sky red, as if \"human purgatory.\"


A firefighter couldn't help but grab the media and lash out at the camera as Prime Minister Morrison, who went on holiday abroad during the crisis,'get out'. He was exhausted from the relief and collapsed. His colleagues also called on the prime minister to \"step down immediately \".


At the time,7NEWS was filming at Nelligen on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia's 7NEWS reported on Jan. A fire engine roared in front of the camera.


After receiving the affirmative answer, he excitedly and bluntly shouted and sarcastically at the camera:'Get the Prime Minister out of Nelligen! We're really enjoying the job!


Another female firefighter echoed the sentiment, even calling on Morrison to \"step down immediately \":\" You are not worthy of governing. You know there's going to be a fire, which has been going on for years. But you don't know anything about it, and now we're going to solve your problem.'


Since September, more than 6 million hectares of land have been burned by wildfires raging in eastern Australia,1,500 homes have been destroyed in a single state, cities including Sydney have long shrouded in haze, and Canberra has become the world's most air-polluted city on several occasions, according to Australian media.


Tens of thousands of New South Wales and Victoria residents are homeless, affected by hundreds of uncontrollable blazes, and more homes are expected to burn.


A hero firefighter, who is believed to have lost his home, refused to shake hands with him when Morrison went on an inspection two days ago, directing:\" I really don't want to shake hands with you,\" Australian News reported.


In response to the protests, Mr Morrison said he understood the frustration and blamed it on the people's grief after losing their homes and lives in the fire. \"I don't think of it as personal, just as frustration, injury, loss and anger from a brutal natural disaster,\" Morrison told reporters on Friday.


But on january 5th rudd, a former prime minister of australian labour, wrote in the guardian that \"fear in the faces of the public is obvious \", but that the current government has\" gotten rid of \"and\" not hot \"of the wildfires; most importantly, the response is too late.


Rudd took aim at the Liberal Party, now led by Mr Morrison. He mentioned another Liberal former prime minister, Tony Abbott, who once claimed on the show that Australia's real problem was that "we're already in control of'the paganism of climate change!" and that climate change was" totally baloney." Mr rudd argues that the liberals will have little to do with climate change,"denying that [climate change] has infiltrated their genes may pretend to be concerned.”


Neighbouring countries such as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, as well as Canada and the United States, have provided assistance to Australia, sending firefighters and experts to help with the disaster, the Sydney Morning Herald and other foreign media reported.